Acute Medical Detox and Stabilization

At River Oaks Hospital and Clinics, we provide substance use and alcohol medical detox and stabilization. Through confidential and compassionate evidence-based care, we serve those experiencing addiction challenges. We’re available 24/7 to schedule an intake and make immediate arrangements. 

A Three-Step Approach to Personalized Care

Our proven approach to achieving acute medical detox is a three-step patient-centered process empowered by confidentiality and compassion. 

Step One: Comprehensive Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment consists of a thorough personal and family history, physical examination to identify other medical conditions both related and unrelated to the chemical dependency, blood tests to determine which chemicals are present and the existence of any blood disorders, and screening for co-existing mental health disorders. Based on this information, the medical team will develop an individualized treatment plan while determining the appropriate level of care.

Step Two: Stabilization

Stabilization is accomplished through safely and effectively discontinuing substance use. Medical professionals assist the patient in achieving sobriety and medical stability by using medications that ease withdrawal symptoms and manage side effects. Upon successful completion of acute medical detox and stabilization, the road to permanent recovery from addiction begins through inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation and recovery programs using psychological counseling.


Step Three: Treating Underlying Medical Conditions

Once the drugs are out of the individual’s body, a comprehensive assessment of the organs affected is required. Drugs and alcohol affect the brain and the rest of the body, including the heart, pancreas, and liver. Once patients are stable and ready to begin their road to long-term recovery, we also work with them to address any additional medical conditions.


Discreet Detoxification from Alcohol and Substance Use

For those experiencing alcohol and substance use challenges, River Oaks offers detox care in a private room with respectful care from a confidential team. Patients receive high-quality, nutritious meals and participate in counseling to begin understanding the challenges of addiction and prepare them for the future. Families may also be educated on the patient’s treatment plan and collaborate on the next recovery phase. 


The Next Step to Long-Term Recovery

After a patient takes the first step at River Oaks, our medical professionals focus on a coordinated care approach. We work with the patient, the patient’s family and the referral partner to develop an after-care plan focused on long-term sobriety. 

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