We Are the Healthcare Professionals’ Advocate

Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System is an independent, physician-led organization. Our approach to working with healthcare professionals is to partner with the finest practitioners and provide them with the administrative support they need to do their best work. To us, highly trained, dedicated physicians are most successful when they can practice without administrative interference. If you’re a healthcare professional who agrees, we welcome your skills and your independence. 

Why Advanced Diagnostics?

We are physician led and physician focused. We understand that physicians and surgeons need autonomy and independence. We know that you need to make the best decisions for your patients and to choose the technologies and treatment methods that will achieve the best outcomes. We support that. And unlike large, bureaucratic healthcare systems, we provide that independence. In fact, we established the Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network (ASPN) to provide the administrative assistance you need to focus on patients and practice great medicine. 

For Physicians

The Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network (ASPN), an independent physician group, is a nonprofit organization that offers physicians everything from a complete management solution to a choice of administrative support packages. Whether it’s billing, compliance, marketing, back office or IT assistance, ASPN provides the services and capital needed to build a more profitable and less stressful practice. 

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