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Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Christopher Douglas 

Dr. Christopher Douglas is a recognized leader in healthcare management and a veteran in creating and managing solutions in the field since 2010. As a trailblazer in his field, Dr. Douglas’s expertise lies in strategic marketing, leadership development, and program advancement. Dr. Douglas is also a proud alumnus of Rice University, a top Ivy League University and the University of Houston, a recognized top-tier university in America.

Dr. Douglas began his post-secondary education as a Rice University scholar in Houston, Texas where he earned a dual bachelor’s degree and soon after a Masters degree from the University of Houston.

In early 2010, he began his career at Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare in Houston, Texas. This is where his career would leap forward as he was promoted twice during his tenure at the organization. His initial role as Practice Administrator saw him managing the daily operations of 85 clinical employees and retained the responsibility of a budget totaling more than a million dollars monthly. He didn’t disappoint: he soon increased the overall revenue significantly, oversaw the successful execution of various contractual agreements with the Harris County Healthcare Alliance and the Harris County Hospital District, among many. It came as no surprise then that he was soon promoted to Executive Director by September 2012, where he would go on to increase the revenue by an even greater margin.

Revenue was not the only success of Dr. Douglas’s tenure as Executive Director; he was also responsible for engineering and pioneering the Mobile Radiology introduction statewide with long-term acute care and federal entity relationships that led to major success in three short years and a multi-million-dollar merger. But it is essential to point out that even in the midst of all of his career accomplishments, he continued pursuing his educational goals and, in May of 2018, Dr. Douglas graduated from the University of Houston with a Doctorate degree.

Dr. Douglas recently transitioned from serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network, Inc., where he was instrumental in creating a 501A physician group and gradually building more than thirty practitioners among four out-patient clinics and a hospital in the Greater Houston Area.

Dr. Douglas continues to be a mentor and advisor to many college students and venture founders in the healthcare industries in the Medical Center. He is a member of the American College for Healthcare Executives.